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#8 Now it's Google!

Haven’t we all been told that the culture of Google is “AMAZING”! The news today suggests that it may be otherwise with at least one person labeling it “TOXIC”! ( The point is that the highest aspirations and most carefully planned strategies can go off the rails if the culture is allowed to grow in unhealthy directions.

This is not really about Google, it is about your workplace and mine. How and in what ways are we helping to grow and nurture a healthy respectful work environment. The Behavior @ Work Collaborative has a lot of experience in doing just that, and If nothing is being done at your workplace, maybe you can be part of a new initiative to make it happen. If you need coaching, Behavior@Work can help. It could be you that starts the conversation.

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives”

~Anthony Robbins

Published on 08.08.2017 by Rob Lund, MD

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