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#2 Background

Rob Lund, MD

My whole career was spent in medicine working in a private single specialty radiology group in a large metropolitan area. My experience in the area of "behavior at work" has all come out of that career, but the principles can be applied anywhere. As chair of the physician HR committee, I was acutely aware of the many interpersonal issues going on across our system of multiple hospitals and private diagnostic offices. These were nothing unique to our practice, but were the common everyday sorts of issues that crop up anywhere there is a group of people working together. They may individually seem minor, but collectively they can throw sand in the gears of what should be a smoothly running organization. Everyone wants to work in a place that is engaging, purposeful, energetic, and joyful, but such places are hard to find. The stumbling blocks to creating that sort of workplace can be large and seem insurmountable, but with the right tools, and a clear determination to get there, the path can be found! In my own experience, it has been a very rewarding journey.

Published on 04.13.2017 by Rob Lund

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