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Behavior Measures Culture

The health of a culture is driven by behaviors and is measurable through various indicators. Indicators such as quality of communication, employee engagement, trust levels, employee physical health, emotional intelligence, commitment, accountability, teamwork, networking, ability to innovate, and the pursuit of excellence are key measures of cultural health. These elements of workplace culture drive results and performance. Research shows healthy behaviors improve culture, and harmful behaviors hurt culture. Behavior at Work Collaborative focuses on healthy and harmful behaviors as reported by organizational stakeholders at all levels to measure cultural health.


People Understand Behavior - Even 1st Graders

After decades of assessment, hundreds of organizations, and thousands of survey respondents, research shows the overwhelming majority of people agree on what healthy and harmful behaviors are. Based on behavior surveys taken by a large number of diverse respondents, there are healthy and harmful behaviors with high frequencies across age, profession, and all other demographics. Follow the link below to see some of the most frequent responses as reported by managers, CEOs, teachers, elementary students, immigrants, physicians, nurses, college students, union members, dentists, technicians, and many more.

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