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The Salon Model

Behavior at Work Collaborative Salons

Behavior at Work explored a range of strategies and tools for partnering with cross-industry professionals to focus on the relationship between behavior and workplace culture and how it drives organizational outcomes. In 2018, desiring to escape the well-worn conference and workshop models, Behavior at Work adopted a modern Salon approach to expand its external engagement strategy. The Behavior at Work Salon model offers cross-industry leaders an opportunity to; ideate, stop to consider, study, reflect, imagine, conceive, and perceive healthy workplace cultures.


What Are Salons?

Salons are commonly associated with French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries but have been carried on in various urban settings as recently as the 1940s. Salons are gatherings where people engage in conversation that amuses, challenges, amazes, and inspires. 

Modern Salons

Today salons have had a renaissance, perhaps as a pushback against the decline of face-to-face human contact in our digital age. From poetry brunches to multimedia presentations in art galleries to scientific discussions in converted warehouses, these gatherings point to the universal need for personal interaction and mental exercise. 

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