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Judy Pechacek

Josephine Myers-Kuykindall, MBA, PMP, SCM, Vice-Chair - Board Member~ Chief Strategy Consultant at Blue Consulting, Inc. - As a researcher and management consultant Josephine helps companies and organizations (nonprofit, for-profit, and government) develop and implement strategic initiatives and complex project plans. This role typically includes developing partnerships with diverse stakeholders, driving financial growth, serving as project/program manager, scrum master, or product owner.

Josephine’s portfolio features a diverse list of projects and budgets. She has led a re-engineering of an educational NGO in Africa to improve operational efficiencies, develop stronger support from financial and governmental partners, and increase the donor base and giving for under $1M. On the other end of the spectrum, she led a $1B+ economic development project where the private sector and various government agencies collaborated to bring a large co-location project to a rural community in the Midwest. This started with enlisting stakeholders and site selection thru turning on a fully functional facility.

Josephine has an extensive educational background in mathematics, statistics, economics, project management, business management, change management, finance, organizational development, and six-sigma quality.

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