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Robert S. Lund, MD, FACR


Robert S. Lund, MD, FACR ~ CHAIR - Board Member & Former VIce-Chair ~ Diagnostic radiologist, retired founder of the Healthy Environment Initiative program at Suburban Imaging and in the Fairview Hospital System Dr. Lund is a member of the Behavior at Work Collaborative Board and currently serves as organizational vice president. He has been involved in the Collaborative from its earliest formation in 2009 and has found this work of building respectful work cultures to be his passion since retiring from his radiology practice in 2006.

Rob first became engaged with work culture issues in 2004 after attending a conference at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Minnesota. The conference was titled, “An Abuse Free Workplace in Medicine”. Captivated by the idea that every workplace suffers from the effects of disrespectful behavior in its various forms, and that steps toward a healthier work culture were available, he began to take those steps. Working with Deborah Anderson (Director of Pivot Point Consulting Service, now retired), Rob established HEI (Healthy Environment Initiative) as a program of culture change for his own practice and for the radiology departments in which his group provided services. The program was very successful and subsequently expanded beyond radiology into other departments in the Fairview Hospitals.


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