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Mary Stultz

Mary Stultz, Emeritus - Retired ~ Former Board Member

As an executive and life coach, I help people discover their passions and take the action needed to get what they want in their work and in their lives. With a solid foundation of integrity and compassion, I am here to navigate with my clients through the whitewater of change in their lives. I am also here when clients get stuck in an eddy, always shining the beacon of hope and light, never sitting in judgment.

Noticeably a joy-filled person, I am committed to living my life on purpose and in the moment. My promise to my clients is to help them find more joy and fulfillment in their lives,

I offer a unique blend of academic and work experience with the ability to bring theory to life. I am known for establishing a climate of trust, learning from life's lessons and challenging others to achieve beyond what they originally thought possible.

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