A. Stuart Hanson, Chair

MD FACCP, FACP, Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician, Park Nicollet Health Services (retired)

Dr. Hanson has been involved with medical workplace issues since 1989, when it became evident that in order to encourage the healthcare system to address violence, abuse, neglect as a significant healthcare problem, it was necessary to create an abuse free workplace. In the ensuing 25 years, Dr. Hanson’s mission has been to learn how to address individual behaviors and improve workplace cultures. He strives to share with others the understanding that a healthy workplace is closely tied to patient safety, clinical outcomes, and health worker job satisfaction, productivity, retention, and absenteeism.

Dr. Hanson’s vision is the realization of a healthcare delivery system where all its hospitals, clinics, and other sites are exemplary places to work, where patients, visitors, health professionals, and other employees treat each other with respect, trust, care, and compassion.

Current activities:  President, Behavior at Work Collaborative, Inc.; Past president, Twin Cities Medical Society Senior Physicians Association;  Interviewer, University of Minnesota Medical School Admissions Committee; Member, Twin Cities Medical Society, Minnesota Medical Association, American, Medical Association, Physicians National Health Program

Robert S. Lund, Vice Chair

MD, FACR, Diagnostic Radiologist, Retired Founder of the Healthy Environment Initiative program at Suburban Imaging and in the Fairview Hospital System

Dr. Lund is a member of the Behavior at Work Collaborative Board and currently serves as organizational vice president. He has been involved in the Collaborative from its earliest formation in 2009 and has found this work of building respectful work cultures to be his passion since retiring from his radiology practice in 2006.

Rob first became engaged with work culture issues in 2004 after attending a conference at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul. The conference was titled, “An Abuse Free Workplace in Medicine”. Captivated by the idea that every workplace suffers from the effects of disrespectful behavior in its various forms, and that steps toward a healthier work culture were available, he began to take those steps. Working with Deborah Anderson (Director of Pivot Point) as a consultant, Rob established HEI (Healthy Environment Initiative) as a program of culture change for his own practice and for the radiology departments in which his group provided services. The program has been very successful and continues to expand beyond radiology into other departments in the Fairview Hospitals.

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Deborah Anderson, Treasurer


Deborah Anderson. I believe the way people treat each other at work is central to the wellbeing of individuals and significantly impacts families and the wider culture. This belief comes from my experience and research of working with people in organizations. Healthy behavior is the driver behind safety, innovation, open communication, respect, and performance.  How we treat each other at work is measurable and is directly linked to customer experience, satisfaction and financial stability. The 5-Stage Process is the tested method of change that has been developed with clients and is all about engaging the brainpower of every employee, from senior leadership to frontline. Human beings drive it all.

For 30 years I have been consulting with large and small healthcare providers, universities, unions, government divisions, and businesses. My work has been reported in every major newspaper in the United States, in professional journals, and in a multitude of other publications. An article in the Journal of American Medical Association referred to us as “the state-of-the-art.”

Over 85,000 employees have participated in a survey that measures perceptions of behavior in the workplace.  Ninety-five percent report experiencing or witnessing abusive behavior at work. Ninety-seven to 100% want their workplace involved in increasing healthy behavior and stopping harmful behavior at work. Behavior is measurable. When healthy behavior is increased and harmful behavior decreased, there is a measurable reduction in turnover, absenteeism, and healthcare problems. At the same time, there is an increase in job satisfaction, patient/customer satisfaction, market share and value.

During the mid 1970's women's conscious-raising groups were prevalent.  Out of the group, several of us, started the second rape center in the US. In 1976 I joined the staff of the Hennepin County Attorney's Office where I acted as the director of the Sexual Assault Services Program. We were one of the first in the country to establish a coordinated effort among police, medical evidentiary collection, prosecution and the courts. We were nationally recognized as a pioneer in the handling cases of rape and child sexual abuse.  As director of the Sexual Assault Services, I developed the theoretical foundation for the internationally acclaimed project, which became known as the Illusion Theater Project on Touch.  The Touch Project was an elementary school prevention program on sexual abuse.  I addition I co-author five books for elementary school children on abuse and neglect.

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Amy Brown Co-Founder and Principal Consultant                 

Workutopia Consulting LLC, Building ideal workplaces by facilitating culture change that leads to a higher quality of life for employees and long term success for organizations

Cynthia Dols Finn


Cindy has been engaged in promoting a healthy academic environment since 2004. She has been a member of the Behavior at Work Collaborative since its inception and is currently a board member. She is faculty at St. Catherine University in the Department of Nursing. Cindy has presented locally, regionally and nationally on promoting healthy academic work environments.

Cindy continues to be interested in the work of the Collaborative because of her belief that healthcare, nursing, and nursing education have opportunities for improvement when it comes to promoting a healthy workplace. A plethora of research exists identifying that many nurses have experienced harmful and negative workplace and academic cultures. Patient outcomes, high turnover rates of nurses, and increased costs have been clearly linked to a negative workplace culture. Therefore it is necessary to improve the healthcare environment to positively impact patient outcomes, improve retention of nurses, and reduce costs. Nursing is instrumental in contributing to the work place culture. Academia serves as one venue to promote healthy behaviors in nursing and to provide the tools to address harmful or negative workplace behaviors. Cindy is committed to giving nursing students the tools necessary to begin to identify and address harmful behaviors and promote healthy professional behaviors in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Mary Krakow

JD, Chair Employment & Labor Law Group- Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Mary provides employers practical, common-sense advice and training, from what to do with applicant background checks, to chronic absenteeism and leaves of absence, employee bad behavior and performance reviews, employee terminations and everything in-between.

Mary is a seasoned employment lawyer with extensive experience in disability accommodation, FMLA and other leaves of absence, discrimination and harassment prevention, retaliation and whistleblowing issues, classification of independent contractors, hiring and firing, performance improvement strategies, discipline methods to avoid legal claims, employee handbooks and policies, overtime and other wage compliance, layoffs and workforce reductions, drug and alcohol testing, and federal and state affirmative action planning and compliance. She also drafts employment agreements, and non-competition and confidentiality agreements.

Mary defends employers on federal and state agency claims before the EEOC, Minnesota Department of Human Rights, the OFCCP, and the state and federal DOL.

Mary skillfully advises employers of all types and sizes including, for example, healthcare clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers, banks and financial service organizations, manufacturers, IT and other consultant groups, food service providers and property management companies.

Mary frequently trains executives, managers and supervisors on all areas of employment legal compliance.

Josephine Myers-Kuykindall, BA, MBA

Strategy Consultant, Blue Consulting, owner, Rural Economic and Small Business Development

Josephine Myers-Kuykindall is a cross-industrial economic and business development consultant that has been bringing forth strategic change in the public, private, and non-profit sectors for almost two decades. She is the

Chief Strategy Consultant at Blue Consulting, Inc., has degrees in Economics, Statistics, & Mathematics (BA) & Finance, Six-Sigma Quality, & Project Management (MBA), and will complete her PhD in Economics and Public Health beginning in the Fall of 2020. Some of her work includes the development of renewable energy partnerships, expanded healthcare and business infrastructure in domestic rural towns, and increased educational and professional growth opportunities for women and girls locally and globally.

Judith M. Pechacek

DNP, CENP, RN, Clinical Assistant Professor University of Minnesota School of Nursing

Dr. Judith Pechacek is currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Minnesota, School of Nursing. She teaches health care leadership in the pre-licensure Bachelors, and Masters nursing programs and Executive leadership, quality, finance, and organizational culture in the Doctorate in Nursing Practice Program. Judith is also providing clinical informatics support to the National Center for Interprofessional Education and collaborative practice. Prior to this role Judith was the Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President of Patient Care for a 390- bed acute care hospital in Minnesota. Prior to serving in these roles Judith was the Director for Clinical systems in Information Management Services, accountable for the design, testing, training and implementation of clinical information systems for the health care system. Her professional nursing practice includes direct care provision and clinical nurse leader in critical care, and progressive nursing management positions.

Judith started her educational journey by becoming a nursing assistant in the 1970’s. She then worked her way through school to become an LPN, Associate Degree RN, Bachelors degree RN, graduate school with honors. She was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau in 1993. Judith finished her Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree in 2009. Judith is a founding member of Minnesota Nursing Informatics, an upper Midwest Nursing professional organization focused on the advancement of nurses in the field of informatics. Dr. Pechacek Board service includes Inver Hills Community College Foundation Board chair and past development committee chair and Minnesota Leaders in Nursing (MOLN) Public Policy and Advocacy board chair. Dr Pechacek is also an inaugural member of the Behavior at work collaborative, an interprofessional team of leaders in the Midwest interested in education, tools and training for health care clinicians interested in improving their environment and culture. She published several articles on span of control, implementing clinical automation, clinical transformation, clinical quality, use of data and the nurse executive’s role.

Work with Healthy Environment Initiative (HEI): As Vice President of Patient Care for a large mid-western medical center, I was committed to improving organizational culture. The baseline culture tolerated unhealthy behaviors that included 12% sick utilization, 15% nurse turnover. Only 60% of the staff were satisfied with the culture and ranked teamwork and safety at 70%. Patient satisfaction with the care was ranked at 74%. The interprofessional team desired to move to a new healthy, accountable, empowered, and engaged culture that fostered respectful behaviors at all times. To accomplish this goal we implemented a program called Healthy Environment Initiative (HEI) for the entire facility of 2000 employees. This interprofessional program included three critical elements. First, partnership between the nurse and physician leaders of the HEI work team was vital. Second, it was essential the interprofessional team be the co-creators, designers, educators and supporters of new behavior expectations, interventions, and modes of communication. Last, the project had to be data driven. Data was used to inform and drive the cultural change improvements. Within three years the sick rate improved by 75%, turnover reduced by 40%. Staff satisfaction improved by 43%, and safety and teamwork improved by 36%. Patient satisfaction improved by 15%.

Mary Stultz

MA, CPCC, Executive Coach and Consultant, Journey Of Yes

Mary, a noticeably joy-filled person, has observed what appears to be an increasing and disheartening absence of joy in the workplace. Having spent 26 years employed in organizations and academia, and a survivor of workplace bullying, her commitment is to work with individuals and organizations to build and sustain healthy and respectful work environments. Mary has supported the work of the Behavior at Work Collaborative for 3 years, and serves on the board.

In 2012 Mary launched Journey Of Yes, a consulting and executive coaching firm. She possesses a unique blend of academic and work experience with the ability to bring theory to life. She is adept at establishing a climate of trust, learning from life’s lessons and challenging herself and others to achieve beyond what they originally thought possible.

In addition to executive and leadership coaching, Mary offers consulting services in the following areas: team assessment and team building, conflict management and mediation, facilitation of focus groups, classes on adaptive leadership, effective communication, emotional intelligence, finding JOY in work, and living in the NOW. For more information, please visit Mary’s website at


Laurie C. Drill-Mellum

MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Constellation

Laurie has been a member of the Behavior at Work Collaborative since its inception in 2009. As an emergency medicine physician for more than 20 years, she has seen how behavior and culture impact the experience of clinicians and patients alike. In 2012, Laurie joined MMIC, the leading medical professional liability company in Minnesota, as their first Chief Medical Officer.  In 2013, she assumed leadership of the MMIC department of Patient Safety Solutions. She recently assumed the role of Chief Medical Officer for Constellation, the holding company for multiple malpractice and service delivery companies in 16 states, where she leads initiatives in patient safety, claim evaluation and management, and talent and culture.  She sees the importance of addressing maladaptive behaviors in healthcare and other workplace cultures and improving communication as essential stepsin improving patient and employee safety, experience, and engagement.  She continues to work clinically as the Medical Director of the Ridgeview Hospice program in Waconia, MN.

David Scouler

Founding Partner, Windward Mark

David has an uncanny ability to see and develop the potential of people and teams. He quietly serves to coach, encourage, and achieve greatness by facilitating collective thinking, overcoming conflicts, and building pathways to personal and professional growth. He is a caring and genuine bridge builder and has a serving leadership style.

David has extensive leadership experience in a diverse set of consulting environments including corporate turnarounds and restructurings; organizational design and performance; strategy; and information technology adaptation and rollout.

Though David began his career as a computer scientist at IBM and Computer Sciences Corporation, his passion has lead him to take on the unique challenges facing business management and ownership related to the development of highly productive leadership teams. David’s caring and compassionate leadership style, superb communication skills, and gifts as a strategic thinker have helped David develop an reputation for helping clients think well together when dealing with changing new realities, considering opportunities, and addressing challenges affecting their business.

While at Scouler & Company he was the lead advisor and client executive manager for 10 restructuring engagements, several of which received national awards. In addition David served as Chief Technology advisor and held interim CIO responsibilities. At a fast growing church he served as Chief-of-Staff for 50 ministry professionals and developed overall strategic direction and the organizational model to support the high-growth and dynamic environment. At a regional Information Technology consulting company David was responsible to design and build a Supply Chain Management Practice. Similarly at a national technology consulting firm , managed the local office and had responsible for the P&L, business development and management of 20 professionals.

Peggy Naas, MD, MBA

Orthopedic surgeon, retired; chief medical officer, Healthcare Performance Improvement LLC, retired


Jeff, Meacham,

As Senior Consultant with GiANT Worldwide, Jeff Meacham is an accomplished leadership guide, coach, and career architect, widely endorsed as a “Master Connector.”  He has built a career on his passion for trusted relationships, and nothing excites him more than the art of connecting good people. Jeff brings a thoughtful approach from lessons learned over 20+ years as a leader, business development executive, and consultant with organizations from entrepreneurial start-ups to the Fortune 500. He received his B.B.A. in Public Accounting from Loyola University Chicago and started his career as a practicing CPA.

Jeff is a passionate leader with deeply-held values that drive his desire to move people Forward by Choice. He strives to speak life and encouragement through the exchange of ideas and possibilities with his clients and his broad and deep network in the finance, information technology, human resources, and nonprofit sectors.

Core motivation: To move people forward by creating connections and uncovering potential

Career: Jeff has broad career experience, mostly in professional services. Starting as a CPA (a personality mismatch!), he has spent the last 15+ years in people-facing roles. Jeff’s success has been the result of building trusted relationships, then connecting people to job opportunities, to talent resources, to new ideas, or to simply each other. Key areas of Jeff’s accomplishment and endorsement:

  • Business Development, Staffing and Recruiting

  • Executive, Career, and Leadership Coach

  • HR and Leadership Peer Group Facilitator

  • Frequent speaker on leadership, career transition and networking


  • Loyola University Chicago, BBA (Magna Cum Laude)

  • Academy of Holy Angels, Richfield MN

Community Service:

  • Academy of Holy Angels (Alumni Hall of Fame)

  • Crescent Cove Children’s Hospice

  • Our Lady of Peace Church and School

  • Rotary International – City of Lakes Rotary Club (Minneapolis)